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German tax matters


The zwischengewinne for German tax purposes at each pricing point, the applicable series number and the respective price are set out on the attached pages for each fund. Equalisation is operated for all funds and there is 0% aktiengewinn for all periods concerned.  The funds file annual tax information as certified by a German tax adviser on the German electronic federal gazette, which may be accessed at the following web address:



- Asset Backed Europe S.A.

- Asset Backed - B S.A.

- Asset Backed - J S.A.

- Corporate Credit (Europe) S.A.

- Diversified European Credit S.A.

- Diversified Financials Europe S.A.

- ECM Credit Fund SICAV

- ECM Senior Secured Fund SICAV-SIF

- European Credit (Luxembourg) S.A.

- European Credit Fund SICAV

- Fundamental European Value S.A.

- High Grade Asset Backed S.A.

- Investment Grade Europe S.A.

- Leveraged Loans Europe P.L.C.

- Pan European Credit S.A.

- Relative European Value S.A.

- Term Loans Europe P.L.C.

- Unleveraged European ABS S.A.

- Universal Credit S.A. compartment A

- Universal Credit S.A. compartment B